Disposable operating clothes About the correct wearing method of operating clothes, operating clothes need to consider anti-static when choosing

Operating clothes We all know that the operating clothes is in the operation of the doctor must wear, I believe that you have seen in some movies and television works of the doctor wearing operating clothes steps, so whether these are correct? It is very important to wear surgical clothing correctly, and the following is to study it with Xiaobian.

First of all, let’s understand why we should wear operating clothes. We should know that bacteria are all over every corner of our lives. Although the doctor should carefully wash his hands before the operation, it cannot guarantee the required sterile environment, and the bacteria deep in the skin will multiply rapidly during the operation, so we must wear operating clothes with sterile gloves to carry out the operation.

When wearing the operating coat, raise the collar with both hands, and keep away from the operating table and other personnel, and make sure that the sterile side of the operating coat is facing back towards you. Throw the operating gown into the air gently and extend both arms into the sleeves, while the back of the dress is tied by the nurse. After completing this step, the wearer bends slightly, hangs the belt in the air, lifts the middle part of the belt and hands the belt to the nurse. The whole process is to ensure that the operating gown is not touched, and teaches you how to put on the operating gown correctly to avoid contamination.


Non-woven fabric has a wide range of applications in the medical industry, generally used in many disposable items, such as medical disposable surgical clothing, shoe covers, gloves, etc. But we need to consider an electrostatic factor in the selection, because any fabric after friction and so on will produce static electricity, especially in the medical industry, because static electricity may lead to some accidents. So we need to avoid these materials in the selection of electrostatic.

For some places with strict electrostatic requirements, if you want to enter, we still choose the kind of anti-static clothes to enter the better, anti-static clothes in the usual use and storage process should strictly follow the instructions, otherwise it will reduce the anti-static performance of clothes. For those damaged or too long, we need to timely scrap, so as not to cause irreversible losses. Safety is very important to any industry, especially the medical industry, because it is closely related to human life, we should not be careless about any small details.

Post time: Jan-09-2023