How to test the quality of disposable virus sampling tubes

1. Technical requirements

1. Appearance requirements

The appearance of the disposable virus sampling tube preservation tube is uniform, transparent, smooth, oil-free, and bubble-free; the preservation solution is colorless, transparent or light red, free of particles or impurities.

2. PH requirements of antiseptic solution

The pH standard range of the preservation solution is 7.0±0.5.

3. Storage liquid requirements

According to different milliliter volumes, the volume required to store the solution is 1ml, 6m1, and the error should be less than ±10%.

4. When tightening the tip of the preservation tube, the preservation solution will leak.

2. Inspection method

1. Visual inspection

Under natural light, the results should meet the requirements of 4.1 through visual inspection and hand feel methods.

2. pH test of antiseptic solution

Take out the preservation solution from the virus sampling tube, measure the pH value three times with a pH meter at 25°C, and take its length, which should meet the requirements of 4.2.

3. Detection of liquid storage volume

Place the test tube with the preservation solution on the electronic balance and record the expected weighing record M1: Then aspirate all the liquid in the test tube and weigh it as M2. The results of M1-M2 shall meet the requirements of 4.3.

4. Air tightness test

After sealing the fresh-keeping tube with fresh-keeping liquid, turn it upside down for 6 hours to see if there is liquid leakage, which should meet the requirements of 4.4.

Third, storage

The product should be stored in a non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated warehouse at 2-35°C. The shelf life of the product is 1 year.

Fourth, transportation

The product should be handled with care during transportation to avoid damage to the product caused by extrusion. Do not stack upside down.

5. Sampling plan

Five samples were randomly selected from each batch for sampling inspection.

The above is the detection method for the quality of the disposable virus sampling tube. All items meet the technical requirements, and the disposable virus sampling tube is judged to be qualified.

Post time: Jul-06-2022