Is n95 mask scrubs the same as normal clothes? Why is it necessary to choose anti-static scrubs

In today’s hospitals, we see all the medical staff in the operating room are wearing a uniform work uniform, which is very different from our doctor’s white coat and nurse’s nurse dress, no matter from the color, or from the style, or from the fabric, there is a certain difference, this kind of clothing is also the operating room must be worn in the operating room. Is a very special clothing, but also has a good protective effect of work clothes, it can create a sterile surgical environment for our patients, but also can well prevent the infection of bacteria patients, as well as our medical staff.

The fabric of this kind of clothing is very special, generally used is very thin and advanced plastic, but also very special in the process, will be covered with film process, this special material and process, can be very good during the operation to prevent the spread of germs, protect our medical staff and patients. This kind of work clothes are generally disposable, our medical staff in a patient’s operation, will be taken off in the first time after the designated recycling place, so that it is very good to avoid the spread of germs, the general hospital will have special personnel to deal with these used operating clothes.

Generally speaking, this kind of professional work clothes can not be bought outside. They are generally customized to buy surgery in some regular manufacturers. Where are the surgical gowns sold so as to ensure its overall safety.


Non-woven fabric has a wide range of applications in the medical industry, generally used in many disposable items, such as medical disposable surgical clothing, shoe covers, gloves, etc. But we need to consider an electrostatic factor in the selection, because any fabric after friction and so on will produce static electricity, especially in the medical industry, because static electricity may lead to some accidents. So we need to avoid these materials in the selection of electrostatic.

For some places with strict electrostatic requirements, if you want to enter, we still choose the kind of anti-static clothes to enter the better, anti-static clothes in the usual use and storage process should strictly follow the instructions, otherwise it will reduce the anti-static performance of clothes. For those damaged or too long, we need to timely scrap, so as not to cause irreversible losses. Safety is very important to any industry, especially the medical industry, because it is closely related to human life, we should not be careless about any small details.

Post time: Jan-09-2023