Personalized configuration of disposable interventional surgical kits


1. It can absorb all the waste materials during the operation of the patient at one time, effectively preventing cross-infection.

2. Surgical gowns and surgical hole towels made of imported materials have strong absorption and anti-pollution properties. Surgical gowns with excellent air permeability make doctors feel comfortable. What are the components of disposable non-woven peripheral interventional surgical kits? .

3. The surgical field is refreshing, and the blood and other liquids that appear after the operation are quickly absorbed, so that the operator has a clear vision and is convenient for the operation.

4. Easy to operate. The perforated towel is used in a single layer and is easy to spread.

5. Stack them in the order of use by the surgeon.

6. The packaging is sterile and safe, and the validity period is three years.

Precautions for product use:

1. This product has been sterilized. It is strictly prohibited to use it if the package is damaged.

2. This product is only for one-time use, it should be used immediately after opening the package, and it should be incinerated after use.

3. The product is valid for three years.

Storage method:

Store in a clean, dry, well-ventilated place away from open flames.

Post time: Oct-02-2021