Reasons and advantages of customized surgical kit

Reasons And Advantages Of Customized Surgical Kit

The customized surgical kit contains single-use equipment, which is essential for medical clinicians to perform operations. All these devices are packed in sterile packaging and sent to the operating room. The medical device industry collaborates with doctors and other clinicians to design and deliver surgical packages in a timely and effective manner. The surgical kit has selected components, including: surgical hole towels, surgical swabs, sutures, surgical blades and wound dressings. It can also include specialized equipment such as cardiac catheters and implants. There are many benefits to using a customized surgical kit. Here are five reasons why you should consider using a customized surgical kit.

1. Expenses
By enabling medical practitioners to work more efficiently and thus perform more procedures, surgical kits are essential to produce cost-effective measures. Most studies have shown that the daily operations of medical institutions that have switched to surgical kits have increased by 30-40%. Since hospitals do not have to keep a large amount of medical equipment, which may cause the production line to move slowly, cost management becomes easier. This helps the person in charge calculate the delivery cost more accurately. Surgical kits reduce management costs by minimizing the time required to order and retain inventory tags.

2. Time
The time spent by employees on preparing and selecting medical equipment for surgical operations has been greatly reduced, and the pressure and time of establishing clinical clinics has also been reduced. By reducing the supply base, that is, allowing many suppliers to provide different suppliers, healthcare providers can save management time, and the time saved can be used for patient care.

3. Quality
The surgical kit provides the right equipment at the right time, right configuration and right location. Surgical packaging provides all components in one sterile package, thereby providing proper aseptic control and making patients less susceptible to health care-related infections. By increasing patient throughput and reducing response time, surgical kits can improve service quality.

Since all components are packaged together, the traceability of batches is simplified. Due to the widespread use of surgical kits, many organizations that use surgical kits have standardized many procedures, thereby improving quality. Healthcare providers can easily develop guidelines to properly evaluate themselves based on established criteria that may be considered too strict.

4. Environment
The amount of waste generated by a unit can be reduced by up to 50%.

5. Improve efficiency
Higher efficiency means that the preparation time is very long, so more procedures can be completed in a day. Can reduce the patient’s waiting time, and can enter earlier

Post time: Jun-08-2021