The development of a new type of surgical drape

The development of a new type of surgical drape

The new surgical drape combined with a variety of materials has high barrier properties, so that the body fluid or liquid during the operation flows to the collection bag along the set direction, and does not remain in the surgical site to affect the operation, and it will not stick. Leaving on the patient's body or on the surgical drape will cause pollution or infection, and will not splash the liquid generated during the operation on the body of the medical staff. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the patient's cross-infection and protect the medical staff. The safety allows the operation to be carried out smoothly and efficiently. In recent years, surgical kits specifically for specific operations have been developed from a single surgical drape. This further improves the standard operation of surgery, and further reduces the risk of surgery and the probability of infection.

The surgical kit must be equipped with a special surgical hole towel. For different operations, the surgical kit is also equipped with the corresponding consumables or instruments needed to complete the entire operation, such as surgical gowns, surgical towels, table mats, mattresses, Square plates, gauze sheets, blades, liquid cups, rubber examination gloves, hemostatic forceps, disinfection sponges, cotton balls, disinfection plates, etc., are wrapped with SMMMS cloth and sealed in a medical dialysis bag, and passed through ethylene oxide After sterilization, it is stored in a warehouse and can be used at any time.

This type of surgical kits are generally divided into: general surgical kits; brain surgery, ENT surgery kits; neck, thoracic surgery, breast surgery kits; renal surgery, abdominal surgery surgery kits; gynecology, anorectal surgery kits; joint surgery kits; intervention Surgical kits and so on. These surgical kits can be opened in the operating room to meet all the needs of the entire surgical process, without the need to temporarily match the corresponding surgical consumables, so it can start special operations in a timely and effective manner, and can effectively block and protect access during the operation. The patient's blood, secretions, liquid medicine, etc., more effectively protect the safety of both doctors and patients, and reduce the chance of infection.

Post time: Jun-08-2021