The material of the surgical gown

Surgical gowns are light, non-toxic and antibacterial, so they are used more frequently in medical units. It is also because of such good product characteristics that the frequency of use of the product in isolation and protection operations has increased. At present, in addition to medical institutions, it is also recognized in my country’s transportation and environmental protection departments, chemical industry, and epidemic prevention and other related fields, so that mobile phone clothing manufacturers have also entered a spring-like golden period of production and sales.

Most surgical gowns are made of non-woven fabrics. This is mainly because non-woven fabrics have natural durability during the manufacturing process of the surgical gowns. Below the ground, it is insulated and has a certain degree of stiffness at the same time.

In the process of making surgical gowns, our company will make them according to the needs of customers. If medical institutions are used, surgical gowns will be made into disposable products according to their requirements; if it is in the transportation and chemical industries of our country For industry use, according to customer requirements, this thin surgical gown has high strength and durability, so that after wearing it, it can also guarantee the excellent characteristics of the surgical gown itself


Post time: Aug-19-2021