The role of disposable surgical pack

If the surgical gown is just a casual work uniform, can the doctor work continuously for more than ten hours? For the requirements of the surgical gown, firstly, there should be no discomfort in wearing it, and secondly, it should not prevent the doctor from performing normal operations. Finally, the surgical gown must be To ensure absolute quietness and no pollution, this is an important protection for the patient.

In fact, the requirements for doctors’ surgical gowns in hospitals are far more than that. If a doctor accidentally rubs the surgical gown on the outside ground or other items, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Such strict requirements are the basics to ensure the smooth operation of the operation. Therefore, in the purchase of surgical gowns, the hospital will find a professional manufacturer to carry out customized operations. One-time, is this a disposable surgical gown? The importance of surgical gowns to surgeons Just for safety.

You might want to know:

Disposable surgical kits are mainly used in surgery, which can save the doctor’s preparation time before surgery, so that the treatment can be carried out quickly, and more time for surgery can be obtained.

The disposable surgical bag is mainly composed of large hole sheet, surgical sheet, wrapping cloth, table cloth, surgical car cover, surgical gown, hat, shoe cover, hole towel, middle sheet, plastic disinfection brush, plastic disinfection plate, disposable plastic tweezers , suture needle, suture thread, abdominal drape, rubber gloves, disposable composition.

Among them, the large hole sheet, surgical sheet, wrapping cloth, tablecloth, surgical car cover, surgical gown, hat, shoe cover, hole towel and medium sheet in the surgical bag are mainly non-woven fabrics. What is the difference between the original disposable surgical pack The introduction material is made by processing. The rubber gloves and examination gloves in the surgical bag are made of natural latex, the sutures are made of natural silk, the suture needles are made of stainless steel, and the plastic disinfection disc, disposable plastic tweezers, and plastic disinfection brush are all made of polyethylene. Thin, open towel is made of absorbent cotton gauze.





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