What is the role of the one-time medical single? how to use?

The main purpose of the single-use medical single-use is to prevent the penetration of bodily fluids in various operations, effectively isolate and prevent cross-infection, protect the surface of the operating table from contamination, and reduce the spread of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is widely used in hospital surgery as a foundation for clinical medical examinations.

Disposable medical middle order is made of high-quality non-woven fabrics, which are cut, sewn and folded. The front is non-woven fabric, and the back is waterproof, breathable, non-irritating PE tarpaulin. Often, it is also called “disposable bed sheet”, “medical sterile bed sheet” and other names.

The use of the disposable medical sheet can not only keep the patient’s personal hygiene clean, but also play a convenient role in transporting the patient. On the other hand, when cotton or other cloths are used to make bed sheets, the patient will wrinkle when they turn over. In some cases, due to the serious condition of the patient, the movement is inconvenient, and the bed sheets cannot be tidy and neat, and this disposable medical single sheet is not easy to wrinkle even if the patient turns over repeatedly, and will not cause discomfort to the patient.



Precautions when using a one-time medical single
1. The single-use medical single is vacuum-packed. If the packaging is found to be damaged before use, please contact the manufacturer and it can no longer be used.

2, can be used as a one-time product, do not reuse.

3. There is a production date and an expiration date on the packaging, and it cannot be used beyond this range.

4. During the handling process, be careful not to put heavy pressure, rain, or exposure to the sun, and handle it with care when loading and unloading.

5. If there are long-term bedridden patients at home, they need to be replaced frequently to avoid bedsores.


Based on the superior performance of the disposable medical middle order, many people find that the disposable medical middle order can not only be used in the medical industry, but also play an important role in many other industries:

1. Beauty, pedicure, massage, sauna, bathing and other places to avoid cross-infection, use more disposable medical singles.

2. Hotels, guest houses or other accommodation places can be used to prevent cross infection when the bedside surface is not clean.

3. Various hospital departments and gynecological examinations will be used as a one-time medical middle order.

4. The patient’s bed, the elderly, women’s menstruation, postpartum and other aspects can be used as disposable urine pads to protect leakage.

5. Can be used as pet pad.


Post time: Aug-04-2022