• Negative Pressure Suction

    Negative Pressure Suction

    Application department

    Operating room, general surgery department ,neurosurgery department, gynecology department, proctology department, urology department etc.

  • Silicone Loops ( Exclusive )

    Silicone Loops ( Exclusive )

    Features and advantages of Retractor (Exclusive) :

    The imported medical silica gel is used, thus it can be developed under X-ray. Various models can meet diverse needs; We have different sizes in four colors: blue, yellow, red and white. So the marked tissues can be easily and quickly identified ; The elliptical flat long shape of design and its super elasticity can effectively prevent damage in the tissue joint.

  • Silicone Urine Catheter

    Silicone Urine Catheter

    Application department

    Urology department, general surgery department ,neurosurgery department, gynecology department, proctology department, orthopedics department, pediatric department, ICU, operating room, emergency department, etc.

  • Suture Gresper Closure

    Suture Gresper Closure

    The suture grasper closure device has specific indication for use as noted above. In that context. The surgeon is best advised to use a method which his/her own practice and discretion dictates to be best for the patient, consistent with the indications and contraindications outlined above .the following instructions are recommended for the proper function of the suture grasper needle.this is not a reference for trocar closure techniques.

  • Disposable plastic sample cup

    Disposable plastic sample cup

    Product advantages:

    1) Our products has high quality, low price;

    2) The body of the cup have clear scale, it has good sealing property, no leakage;

    3) There will be no pollution;

    4) We can supply label if you have the requirement;

    5) If you have some special application,we can customize for you.

  • Disposable vacuum blood collection vessel

    Disposable vacuum blood collection vessel

    Test tube is made of superior PE/PP/PS material, it has a good chemical compatibility.Adapted to storage for most of polar organic solvent, weak acid, weak base.

    — PS/PP test tube is manufactured with excellent technique, Some products can stand centrifuge speed up to 4500 rpm without crack or leakage.

    — Multiple sizes and types can meet various test requirements.

    — Labels can be customized to meet specific test demand.