Suture Gresper Closure

Suture Gresper Closure

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The suture grasper closure device has specific indication for use as noted above. In that context. The surgeon is best advised to use a method which his/her own practice and discretion dictates to be best for the patient, consistent with the indications and contraindications outlined above .the following instructions are recommended for the proper function of the suture grasper needle.this is not a reference for trocar closure techniques.

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Characteristics and advantages of Abdominal stapler (Professional)

One-time penetration of subcutaneous, muscular, fascia and peritoneum. The diameter of the needle tube is 1.2-2.1mm, and the suture angle can be adjusted by manual operation under endoscopic direct vision. Front end automatic spring grasping pliers design makes it strong to grasp the thread and freely release the thread. It is compatible with various types of sewing thread. The change from abdomina incision to abdomina puncture hole avoids the injury of the muscles, blood vessels after the surgery and corresponding nerves in the abdominal wall and no consequences like abdominal wall weakness, and incisional hernia, or weaker motor function due to abdominal wall scarring , or corresponding skin numbness caused by the cutting of the nerves of the abdominal wall.


This device is not intended for use except as indicated ,in addition, it is not intended for use when laparoscopic and other minimally invasive surgical procedures are contraindicated . 

Using method

1.Hold the handle, push the button and then hold suture
2.Incline the trocar, then pierce through the skin, muscle, fascia and peritoneum with the needle until reaching the abdominal cavity. Then push the button, open the claws and release the suture.
3.Remove the Suture Grasper Closure Device and incline the trocar to the opposite side. Then pierce through the skin, muscle, fascia and peritoneum until reaching the abdominal cavity again. Grasp the suture with the claw under the laparoscope.
4.Pull out the suture and the trocar after removing the Suture Grasper Closure Device, then knot and suture.

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