• Disposable virus sampling tube

    Disposable virus sampling tube

    Name Disposable virus sampling tube-A1 Specification 5ml,6ml Type Non-inactivated Material Plastic Function Introduction Used for sample collection, transportation and storage, etc., mixed sampling of five persons or mixed sampling of ten persons for nucleic acid detection
  • Disposable plastic sample cup

    Disposable plastic sample cup

    Product advantages:

    1) Our products has high quality, low price;

    2) The body of the cup have clear scale, it has good sealing property, no leakage;

    3) There will be no pollution;

    4) We can supply label if you have the requirement;

    5) If you have some special application,we can customize for you.

  • Disposable vacuum blood collection vessel

    Disposable vacuum blood collection vessel

    Test tube is made of superior PE/PP/PS material, it has a good chemical compatibility.Adapted to storage for most of polar organic solvent, weak acid, weak base.

    — PS/PP test tube is manufactured with excellent technique, Some products can stand centrifuge speed up to 4500 rpm without crack or leakage.

    — Multiple sizes and types can meet various test requirements.

    — Labels can be customized to meet specific test demand.