Do you know why surgeons wear operating clothes? What are the styles and colors of the operating room

The formal stage is a long sleeved gown with a small high neck, open at the back, assisted by a nurse, this is called a surgical gown. The color is usually light blue or green. The inside of the operating gown that comes into contact with the doctor’s body is considered clean, and the outside that comes into contact with blood, body fluids and patients is considered contaminated. The surgical clothes must be completely separated from the polluted environment and clean environment, so they are tightly wrapped.

Usually V-neck short-sleeved, the official name is hand washing clothes. Is the operating room staff in the clean environment of the operating room, whether it is doctors or nurses or anesthesiologists can wear uniforms. Once in the operating room, you must ask to change this overalls. The short sleeves are designed to make it easier for participants to clean the hands, forearms and upper third of the arm.

After the operation personnel wash their hands, the nurse will help them put on the operation clothes.

Some prefer to use colors to distinguish between workers. In Japan, for example, anesthesiologists often wear dark red hand washing clothes. At home, it’s green.

The operating room also has a kind of clothes, called visiting clothes, used for external personnel to enter the operating room to visit.

Except for the operating room and some specific departments, the rest of the nurses’ work clothes are the white dress you said. All the styles and colors are not the same, but this kind of operation is basically common all over the world


At present, the clothes in the operating room are mainly made of plain and twill cotton fabrics with dark green, light green and other colors. Men’s main: washing clothes, tour clothes, operating clothes, visiting clothes; Women’s main: washing clothes, washing skirt, tour clothes, operating clothes, visiting clothes. It is recommended to choose men’s clothes in dark colors. For example, use dark green, and recommend plain fabric for washing clothes. The advantage is to wear comfortable, low price. And tour clothes, operating clothes, visiting clothes are recommended to use twill fabric. The advantages are that cotton twill fabric is relatively flat cloth fold less, wear more body shape, and more durable. Women’s clothing is recommended to use lighter color fabrics such as light green, such as color, especially washing clothes, washing skirts, tour clothes, the best use of light colors. The advantage is that women wear light colors more beautiful, beautiful, at the same time, light colors less fading, clothes before washing after washing little change.

Post time: Jan-09-2023