• Connecting Catheter

    Connecting Catheter

    Product Description

    1. Made of Non-toxic medical grade PVC,DEHP free,no odor.
    2. Soft tip,standard tip,flared tip and soft tip for choice.
    3. With 2m tube or could be customized,Anti-crush tube can ensure oxygen follow even if the tube is kinked.
    4. Size available:Audlt,Pediatric,Infant,Neonatal.
    5. Color: green transparent,white transparent and light blue transparent for choice.
    6. Packed in individual PE bag.sterilized by EO gas,100 pcs/ctn.

  • Oxygen Tubing/Nasal Cannula

    Oxygen Tubing/Nasal Cannula

    Product Description

    Nasal Oxygen Cannula is an transporting Oxygen device with double channels,It is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a patient or person in need of extra oxygen.

    The nasal cannulas are used for patients needing only low-flow supplemental oxygen. Patients with breathing difficulties and conditions such as emphysema or other pulmonary pathologies require the nasal cannula. The flow rate for the cannula is around. 4 to 5 liters per minute (LPM).

  • Breathing Circuit

    Breathing Circuit

    Feature :

    1: Patent technology of integrated molding, high strength, not prone to falling off and being separated, good flexibility.
    2: It can endure high temperature and high pressure disinfection, reusable.
    3: Joints are made with injection molding with no gas leakage.
    4: Mainly used for operation patients in anesthesia and oxygen; patients after recovery.
    5: Support and care for patient with severe postoperative respiratory.

  • Vaginal Speculum

    Vaginal Speculum

    Product Destination:

    1. It is made by injection moulding of PS plastic, non-toxic, non-irritant.
    2. It can adjust at will, smooth edges from plastic resin-less, apprehension from patients.
    3. For single use only, sterile unless package is opened or damaged, sterilized by ethylene oxide.
    4. Size: L,M,S
    5. IFU: Insert the duck bill to vaginal gently, turn the screw to fix the speculum.
    6. ISO13485, CE

  • Catheter Bag

    Catheter Bag

    Application department

    Operating room, general surgery department ,neurosurgery department, gynecology department, proctology department, urology department, orthopedics department etc.

  • Feeding Catheter

    Feeding Catheter


    The catheter is used for decreasing gastrointestinal pressure or transfusion or discharge.

  • Negative Pressure Drainage Catheter

    Negative Pressure Drainage Catheter


    Donor surface wound or drainage of clinical incision drainage.

  • Negative Pressure Suction

    Negative Pressure Suction

    Application department

    Operating room, general surgery department ,neurosurgery department, gynecology department, proctology department, urology department etc.

  • Silicone Loops ( Exclusive )

    Silicone Loops ( Exclusive )

    Features and advantages of Retractor (Exclusive) :

    The imported medical silica gel is used, thus it can be developed under X-ray. Various models can meet diverse needs; We have different sizes in four colors: blue, yellow, red and white. So the marked tissues can be easily and quickly identified ; The elliptical flat long shape of design and its super elasticity can effectively prevent damage in the tissue joint.

  • Silicone Urine Catheter

    Silicone Urine Catheter

    Application department

    Urology department, general surgery department ,neurosurgery department, gynecology department, proctology department, orthopedics department, pediatric department, ICU, operating room, emergency department, etc.

  • Suture Gresper Closure

    Suture Gresper Closure

    The suture grasper closure device has specific indication for use as noted above. In that context. The surgeon is best advised to use a method which his/her own practice and discretion dictates to be best for the patient, consistent with the indications and contraindications outlined above .the following instructions are recommended for the proper function of the suture grasper needle.this is not a reference for trocar closure techniques.