An important embodiment of disposable surgical gowns for surgery

Current medicine generally uses disposable non-woven surgical kits

First of all, it is very safe, convenient, and economical. This disposable non-woven surgical kit uses high-quality medical-grade non-woven fabrics. The overall cost is very low, and it is very popular among medical staff.

Secondly, it has the function of double protection, which can not only protect patients from infection, but also ensure that medical staff will not reverse infection, which is very safe. The use of non-woven surgical kits again makes the patient very comfortable. It is soft and breathable, and can prevent liquid penetration, so it is very clean and tidy, which can effectively improve the comfort of the patient and reduce the postoperative infection rate. Finally, the non-woven surgical kit is very environmentally friendly, and the post-processing is very simple. In addition, surgery time can be saved, which is of great benefit to both the patient and the medical staff.4

Post time: Aug-10-2021